Terms and conditions

This user agreement (“Terms and Conditions” or “T&C” or “Terms” or “Agreement”) is between you (“you” or “End User” or “your” or “Buyer” or “Customer” or “Registered User”) and Egate (“Company” or “us” or “we”). According to the Information Technology Act of 2000 and any applicable rules, as well as the provisions of different statutes that have been updated to reflect the Information Technology Act's amendments, this document is an electronic record. This “ Website ” is operated by Egate Infotel Private Limited ( “EIPL” ), Reg. Office : 3/8, 2 nd Floor, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002

Personal information means any recorded information from which you may be identified. This will include the contact information you provide to us if you sign up to receive information from us and this may also include any information, we may collect from you (other than on an anonymous basis) as a result of your use of the Website. Any personal information you provide and/ or register on the Website will be stored on a secured third party server. “Services” means any functions, facilities, information, promotions or other services through this website relating to EIPL Products including downloading images, screensavers and wallpapers as well as other products; transmission general news and information.

”Terms” means these terms and conditions, EIPL’s privacy policy and any other rules which may be posted on the Website.

“User” means any person who accesses or uses the Website with EIPLauthorisation after registering on the Website.

“Website” means www.egate-world.com.

Ι. Service and Use of www.egate-world.com

The service of www.egate-world.com comprises of the main provisions of the following products and services: downloading of images, screensavers, and wallpapers as well as other products for EIPL, general news and information:

  • Addressees of these services are legitimate possessors of EIPL.
  • Access to the services requires the registration of the User on the Website: www.egate- World.com. Requirement for the registration is the acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions for the use of www.egate-world.com as presented. If the User receives a password, it shall mean that Egate has accepted the registration, and the User may log to the services of www.egate-world.com with the use of the password.
  • The Website may contain board(s) or other forms of communication broadcasting. When a user uploads or posts an article(s), it may be displayed on the Website after confirmation of EIPL. In case of inappropriate post, it may not be displayed. Any images or articles that have been posted by a User which are related to products other than those manufactured / marketed by EIPL, can be removed without prior notice. EIPL reserves the right to delete or remove any messages or articles posted by the User at any time without prior notice. The views or comments made in the bulletin boards do not reflect the views of EIPL.
  • EIPL reserves the right to terminate a user account at any time without prior notice. This is when an user misuses the Website or Services in an unlawful, abusive or any other manner which EIPL deems to perceive it inappropriate or offensive.
  • www.egate-world.com. constitutes an additional voluntary and free of charge service from EIPL. Any entitlement to these services or to parts of these services are not given. EIPL is entitled at any time and in any manner to restrain or to completely cease the use of www.egate-world.com.

ΙΙ. Duties of the User

  • The User of www.egate-world.com. undertakes to submit true and complete information required for registration. If there are changes to this data, the user will inform www.egate-world.com thereof without delay.
  • The access to www.egate-world.com is only available to registered users. The granting of rights or enabling access to or for non-authorised third parties, in any manner or form whatsoever, is not permitted. The user is responsible for non-disclosure of his password.
  • The User is prohibited from, no matter in which manner, inducting single data or records in the service of www.egate-world.com and thereby modifying or corrupting the EIPL system or making it available to third parties. The user undertakes to indemnify EIPL against claims of third parties, which are lodged because of incorrect user data.

III. Warranty

  • The information and products available on this Website were compiled with great diligence. EIPL can give no warranty for timeliness, correctness or completeness of the information and products provided. EIPL cannot guarantee the Website to be free from faults and without interruptions. EIPL can incur no liability for actions and decisions made based on this information or these products.
  • EIPL shall endeavor to protect the information provided against viruses, but a warranty for freedom of viruses shall not be given.
  • EIPL is convinced that the products and possible pointers and links within the Website are free of illegal contents. EIPL has no influence on the present and future presentation as well as the contents of linked Websites. Thus, EIPL explicitly dissociates from the contents of all linked Websites. No liability shall be incurred for illegal, deficient contents and especially not for corruptions resulting from the utilization or non-utilisation of such offered information. For more details, please visit our warranty policy.

IV. Data Protection

  • EIPL shall comply with the requirements of the data protection authority of India.
  • One of the basic principles of EIPL is not to pass on personal data of Users to third parties. Third parties within these provisions are not affiliates of EIPL in Asia.
  • In the case of “cookies” placed in a file of the browser of the User’s computer, EIPL will provide for the data to be collected by means of a cookie not being connected to the User, so long and as the User is not informed as to which data is collected and if he has not agreed to a collection of his data. If the User declares his consent, the cookie will only record thegeneral structure of use and be used to identify the User.
  • The User may forbid EIPL at any time from directly contacting him for advertising or marketing purposes. The User is entitled to obtain information about his data recorded, to inspect such data and to request correction of such data.
  • On termination of a service subject to the registration of www.egate-world.com , the data stored for the User will be deleted upon the effective notice date, unless further safe custody is envisaged by law.

V. Copy and Trademark Rights

  • All industrial property rights on products (patents, trademarks, copyrights, design rights, know-how and processes), which are presented, used or made accessible in any manner under www.egate-world.com shall remain with EIPL in full or with the respective licensor.
  • Users of www.egate-world.com are entitled to save the products received on their equipment; however they are not entitled to transfer the aforesaid to other items of equipment or to third parties.

VI. Modifications on Instructions of Use

  • Egate reserves the right to modify the instructions of use at any time without specifying the reasons in question. Users of www.egate-world.com will be informed thereof on the Website www.egate-world.com.
  • The modifications shall be taken as valid if after publication the User continues to use the service of www.egate-world.com without objecting in written form within a month after publication.
  • Upon an objection within the period of one month, EIPL is entitled to delete the respective registration without further notice.

VII. Applicable Law

  • All legal transactions concluded between Egate and a client shall be governed by the Laws of India and of the court situated at GHAZIABAD only.
  • The application of UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.