“To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever”

Long gone are the days when education and teaching was limited to chalk and blackboards. In this digital age, E-Learning has emerged as the need of the hour. It is a novel approach to education that combines state-of-the-art electronic resources with traditional teaching methods in a seamless manner. It is where innovation and technology meets knowledge that transcends borders and provides a seamless and interesting platform that gives students an engaging and enduring educational experience.

Why E-Learning

Unlike traditional methods that rely on one-dimensional teaching, E-Learning incorporates visual and interactive components, enhancing the assimilation and retention of information. It is definitely an efficient, effective, and optimum way towards a new age educational landscape.

By utilizing technology, Egate E-learning Solutions (EES) platform is embracing the future of education. Come along on this exhilarating journey where learning becomes an interactive adventure and information has no boundaries. With e-learning, you can realize your full potential because learning ought to be as dynamic as the world around you.

What is EES (Egate E-Learning Solution)?

The purpose of EES, a single classroom installation, is to enhance the teaching-learning process. It makes use of an integrated system, which includes an Android projector that has instructional audio-visual software put on it that is linked to the state curriculum in the languages spoken there. The software material can be accessed online and linked to any educational application, or it can be offline and incorporated in an SD card or pen drive. Egate's e-learning solution is centered on curriculum-based audio-visual modules in local languages that are intended to improve education.

Why EES?

EGATE initiated a groundbreaking change in Indian education, impacting over 10 lakh children across 10,000 classrooms.

  • India’s No.1 Projector Brand
  • 10k+ classrooms digitized
  • Life Long LED Lamp
  • Budget-Friendly E-Learning Solution
  • Products specially designed for India
  • Rural Installation and Training Capabilities
  • Life Long Education Content License
  • Unique PC Free Technology
  • Zero Maintenance Products
  • Any Wall can be Smart Board
  • Diverse Content in Different Languages Available
  • Handpicked Panorama by the Best Developers
  • 70K Projectors in 2019

Benefits of EES:

EES revolutionizes the educational landscape with its comprehensive suite of offerings tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners and educators alike. From cutting-edge projectors to rich learning content and seamless implementation, EES stands as a beacon of innovation and empowerment in education.

Projector: EES empowers customers with a wide range of projectors, spanning from affordable options starting at just INR 5990 to advanced models priced at INR 50,000. This flexibility ensures that educators can select the projector that perfectly aligns with their requirements and budget constraints.

Learning Content: In collaboration with leading software companies, EES ensures universal access to top-tier educational content. With a focus on quality and relevance, our curated resources cater to the specific needs of learners across different states, fostering a conducive environment for effective learning. Implementation of eLearning Solution Kit at Identified Schools: The eLearning Solution Kit, pre-loaded with content, is delivered to a centralized location, then distributed to schools. Installation involves ceiling mounting the kit, with experts ensuring optimal performance.

Train The Trainer: At central sites, EES offers thorough training sessions for designated educators using our unique "T3" (Train the Trainer) technique. This strategy promotes a culture of continual improvement inside educational institutions by encouraging professional development beyond just boosting confidence.

PC-Free Education: With PC free education , learning has transcended boundaries. Educational content is stored on a pen drive, eliminating the hassle of storing and safekeeping information. The inbuilt computer system in projectors processes the content, and nothing other than a wireless mouse is needed to control the projector.

Post-Implementation Support: A one-year RTB (Return to Bench) warranty is included with the projector and its accessories. FedEx and DTDC, logistics partners, streamline the repair procedure by facilitating the pick-up and drop-off of malfunctioning projectors.

The Government of India uses EES across the country for a number of its skill development initiatives, such as the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna, the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojna, the Craftsmen Training Scheme, apprenticeship programmes, and the Skill Development for Minorities programme. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and societal impact.

Beyond traditional educational settings, EES extends its benefits to adult literacy programs and corporate environments, where it enhances productivity, boosts retention rates, and delivers a remarkable return on investment.

EES strives to “Shape the Future of Learning and Empowering Minds Nationwide!

CSR Initiatives by EES: Transforming Rural Education

According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), more than 50% of students in 5th standard attending rural schools struggle with basic reading and mathematical skills. The dire state of rural education highlights significant challenges, including a dearth of schools, lack of affordable educational institutions, inadequate infrastructure, and ineffective teaching methods.

EES Intervention

In response to the major hiccups in the rural education system, EES (Egate Elearning Solution) steps forward to bridge the educational gap. Recognizing education as the cornerstone for improving lives, especially for the underprivileged, EES aligns with top corporate social responsibility initiatives to empower communities through knowledge enhancement.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Education:Our Esteemed Alliances

Egate joins hands with corporates, including collaborations with renowned institutions such as SBI, Tata Power, RK Mission, Jaypee Group, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Adventis Media, Hope Now, Salam Bombay, Brooke India, and more. This alliance concentrates on eradicating illiteracy and giving underprivileged children access to basic education in order to foster the most optimal possible environment for developing tomorrow's leaders.

Rotary International Partnership

EES's proposed eLearning Solution has received approval from Rotary International under their flagship mission "T-E-A-C-H" to eradicate illiteracy. The programme intends to give poor children in India access to a basic education. Over 10,000 classrooms attest to EES's dedication, even under the most difficult circumstances—without a roof, electricity, or direct access to the road.

Skill Training for Youth Empowerment

EES actively participates in skill-training activities as part of numerous CSR initiatives, in addition to traditional schooling. By collaborating with Rotary and other organizations, EES helps young people become self-sufficient and employable, which advances the growth of a knowledgeable and skilled India.

Call to Action

EES extends an invitation to people and institutions to participate in this life-changing adventure. You can help create a skilled and literate India by joining as a partner. Make contact with us using the given link to discuss potential collaborations and to help bring about constructive change.

Project Highlights

  • Rotary International approval for the eLearning Solution.
  • Presence in over 10,000 classrooms, even in challenging conditions.
  • Collaborations with leading corporations and institutions.
  • Contribution to skill training projects for youth empowerment.
  • 100+ Rotary Installations nationwide, including Jaipur, Bangalore, etc

Join EES in the pursuit of a brighter, educated, and empowered India!

Why Egate Projectors Rise Above the Competition?

Others Projectors Egate Projectors
2500 HRS (1.5 YRS) 40,000 HRS (10 - 15 YRS)
Brightness Degradation with Every Hour 90% Constant Brightness - Lifetime
High Lamp Replacement Cost – 70% Incase Needed – Just Rs.3500
High Cost DLP Circuit & Engine Cost No Component More Than Rs.3500
High Power Consumption Low Power Consumption
No Instant On/Off – Blow Off in Power Cuts Instant On/Off – Cool Technology
Prone to Fluctuation Fluctuation Proof
Need Additional PC PC Free Design – Inbuilt PC
No WiFi Inbuilt WiFi
DLP Lamp – Rainbow Effect LCD-LED Technology – No Rainbow
Not Fit for Temp Above 38 C (AC Needed) Up to 48 C – No AC Needed

Egate projectors stand out by offering extended lamp life, consistent brightness, affordability, low power consumption, and a range of features, making them a superior choice in the market.

Advantages Over TV/Screen:

Projectors are not just cutting-edge innovations; they are also a necessity in the 21st-century era. Beyond being advancements in technology, these solutions serve as paramount tools to shape the bright future lying ahead for the world.

  • Low Risk in Transit Damage: Unlike fragile TV screens, projectors boast sturdier construction and are less likely to break during travel, guaranteeing their endurance and reliability.
  • Easy Shifting Within Classroom: Projectors make it simple to move around a classroom, enabling dynamic teaching strategies and flexible learning settings. Their portability fosters flexibility, encouraging interactive and engaging lessons.
  • Safe & Mounted – Children Reach Proof: By securely mounting projectors on walls or ceilings, educators can safeguard them from accidental tampering or damage, particularly by children. Out of reach placement keeps the equipment out of reach, ensuring uninterrupted lessons and longevity.
  • Easy on Eyes: With their softer light emission, projectors prioritize the comfort of students' eyes, minimizing strain during prolonged viewing sessions. This thoughtful feature contributes to an encouraging and productive learning atmosphere, promoting sustained engagement and focus.
  • Can Be Easily Locked in Almirah: Projectors, being compact and portable, can be securely stored in an almirah when not in use, ensuring both safety and space optimization prolonging its lifespan and usability.
  • Screen Size Limitation: Unlike traditional televisions or fixed-size screens, projectors offer adjustable and variable screen sizes to cater diverse educational needs. From intimate group discussions to large-scale presentations, educators can tailor the display to suit specific teaching objectives.
  • Saves from Glare/Reflection: By eliminating the glare and reflection issues often associated with TV screens, projectors deliver a vivid, crisp and clear visual experience. This enhanced clarity fosters a distraction-free learning environment, allowing students to focus on the lesson content without disruptions.
  • No Viewing Angle Restriction: A welcoming educational atmosphere is promoted by projectors, which offer an unlimited viewing angle. This feature cultivates a welcoming educational atmosphere, where all learners feel valued and engaged.

Limitations of Projectors Over TV/LCD:

While projectors are versatile, portable, and easy to use, they lack some major qualities that TVs and LCDs offer

  • Space Issue: Projectors are less practical in smaller spaces than TVs or LCD screens because they often require more physical space. From storing them to positioning them correctly, projectors can truly prove to be a hassle sometimes. In contrast, TVs and LCD screens are inherently compact and can be mounted flush against a wall, making them more suitable for tight spaces.
  • Dependency on Additional Unit for Content: Projectors' dependence on extra hardware to convey content is one of its disadvantages. Projectors may need external streaming devices or speakers for a full viewing experience, in contrast to TVs and LCD screens that have built-in video delivery systems. This additional intricacy has the potential to create failure areas and complicate the setup procedure.
  • Additional Unit Service & Maintenance: Projector installations necessitate more equipment, which means more pieces that need independent maintenance and repair. A projector-based entertainment system can require more upkeep than a stand-alone TV or LCD screen, from diagnosing technical problems with external speakers to making sure several devices work together.
  • Complexity of Upgradation: Projectors are more of a challenge when it comes to updating interactive features like touchscreen ability. In contrast to contemporary TVs and LCDs, which can easily accept software updates, improving the functionality of projectors frequently necessitates costly hardware adjustments, which raises prices and increases technical complexity.
  • Aesthetics & Charm: Although projectors are excellent at producing a cinematic atmosphere, they might not have the slick looks and innate attractiveness of contemporary TVs and LCD panels. Some interior settings may prefer a more modern and visually appealing living room, which is enhanced by the slim profile and minimalist design of flat-screen displays.
  • User-friendliness: TVs and LCD panels are easier to operate than other screens because of their user-friendly interfaces and straightforward controls. On conventional displays, menu navigation, setting adjustments, and input source switching are usually easier than on projector installations, which could need more manual configuration.
  • Multi Input Options: The quantity and variety of input possibilities that projectors can offer may be limited, which could affect how well-suited they are for use with different kinds of devices. On the other hand, TVs and LCD panels frequently have a large number of input ports, which makes it possible to attach peripherals like media players and game consoles with ease.
  • Once a Week – Turn to Theater: While projectors may turn any area into a makeshift theater, the arrangement might not be ideal for everyday use. It can take longer and need more work to assemble and configure a projector system than it does to turn on a TV or LCD screen, which makes them less suitable for casual viewing.
  • Understanding these limitations helps in making informed decisions based on specific needs and preferences when choosing between projectors and TV/LCD setups.