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Let Us Help You Shine Bright With The Right Light—The One That Will Make You Live Those Larger Than Life Experiences
Quality Projectors from EGATE are ranked among the best brands in their class, incorporating world-class quality that doesn’t cost the Earth. While delivering audio-visual experiences that are awesomely immersive – and very economical as well. Our latest refinements In video display technologies meet Your diverse requirements, whether for business or home, by combining superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering.

India-Ready Affordable Audio-Visual
Egate projectors are designed and engineered for the country’s hot, dusty climate and often erratic power supply.

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From LCDDLP, LASER video projection to immersive and innovative audio products—we’ve got the AV solutions you need to live the sound & stories as was envisaged by the creators. Let’s make magic happen—on any wall!

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The use of the LED lamp, combined with an LCD panel, enables true color representation just like a widescreen LED TV, but at lower cost,
The LED lamp at the heart of all Egate projectors has an estimated operating life of upto 30,000 hrs or 20 years!
Both sporty and stylish, our range of speakers blast the kind of great deep bass sound that really rocks any party !
Our screens & mounts can be adapted to any model of projector enhancing your viewing experience
Warranty Extension
Peace of mind - extended, just chose to have very affordable extension packs (valid only for new & before expiration of the standard warranty)